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9:30 am:
Forum and Children's Religious Exploration (PreK-High School)
(no RE classes in summer)

10:00 am: Adult Coffee/Social Time

10:30 am: Worship
11:30 am: Coffee/Social Time
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March 29th: "Gurus, Heroes, and the Quest for the Perfect" by Rev. John Cullinan
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March 29th: "PEEC and the New Silent Spring" by Sue Watts

Environmentalists are beginning to sense that there is a new environmental crisis brewing. More and more people, more and more kids, are losing, or never forming, a connection with nature. Why is this a problem? Sue Watts will talk about the reasons this issue concerns environmentalists and about ways people can help their kids, grandkids, and themselves become more connected with nature. Since that is also the mission of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC), Sue will highlight ways it is striving to enrich the lives of people in the community through nature. Members of PEEC will join Sue to share information and answer questions about the upcoming festivities surrounding the opening of the new nature center.