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Nursery and Childcare Coordinator

Welcome to the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos

Photo courtesy of Phil Lund
Sunday Morning Schedule
9:30 am:
Forum and Children's Religious Exploration (PreK-High School)
(no RE classes in summer)

10:00 am: Adult Coffee/Social Time

10:30 am: Worship
11:30 am: Coffee/Social Time
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February 1st: "Faithful Conversations, part 3" by Rev. John Cullinan & Elisa Enriquez
A conversation on the faith of a Unitarian Universalist Christian.
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February 1st: "Snakes, Sunrises and Shakespeare" by Carl Newton
Carl Newton will give a brief introduction to a highly acclaimed new book by his brother-in-law, Prof. Gordon Orians. Each of us likely has proclivities to behave in ways that are puzzling because our well-being is compromised. This book reveals why that is so. Prof. Orians, an evolutionary behavioral ecologist, explains 'How Evolution Shapes Our Loves and Fears.'