Welcome to the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos

Sunday Morning Schedule
9:30 am:
Forum and Children's Religious Exploration (PreK-High School)
(no RE classes in summer)

10:00 am: Adult Coffee/Social Time

10:30 am: Worship
11:30 am: Coffee/Social Time
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November 30th: "The Righteous Mind, Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion" by James Carroll
What has neuroscience taught us about the origins of human morality, religion, and politics? Why are we so sure that we are right and demonize all those who disagree? What can this teach us about building a community of diverse beliefs?
Upcoming Forum (View all...) (Forum Audio Posts)
November 30th: "A TED Talk for Thanksgiving" by Coordinated by Evan Rose
This is a holiday weekend. We are giving our Forum speakers a break and letting the TED Talkers do the heavy lifting. Audience discussion will follow the TED Talk.